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Why we made this free lotto games and lottery games directory

  • Firstly because, just like you, we absolutely love "free" things and free games on the Internet :-)  The advent of the Internet has made it possible for anyone to promote their good and services by giving away prizes and free goodies.  We have many subscribers to our hypnosis videos and free lucky video and lucky tips at  As a result many of these subscribers post on our Lotto Games Facebook page about the free lotteries and free lotto games they enjoy.  This gives us a constant supply of new leads.  
  • Secondly we hope this site will attract a lot people who are interested in what we are interested in, and that is -- win millions of lotto dollars and lottery prices by playing free lotto games.  If you are interested in free lotto games and free lottery games, then make sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our tweets.
  • Thirdly we noticed that the cost of online lottery tickets and lotto games are being bumped up up to 400% by what we consider to be very greedy operators.  The average lotto and lottery game in the US and all around the world costs about $1.  But we have noticed that even the cheapest online tickets are priced from $5 upwards.  This is more than 5 times the cost of the original ticket.  This kind of greedy behaviour makes it impossible for the average person to enjoy playing online lotto games and lottery games.

    Therefore we decided to support those companies who offer free lotto and free lottery games online.   We also encourage and promote the best lotto syndicates available online.

    We also believe that any enterprising authorised lottery agent selling lotto games who decides to offer lotto tickets online at the same cost they sell to their face to face customers, will instantly multiply their lottery ticket sales by 1000%.   There are many overseas buyers who would love to buy US and European Lotto games but they are being prevented from doing so because of the high prices.

    We found one authorized Australian Online Lottery Agent who does just that.  Their lotto games are priced very keenly and are only a few cents about the cost of the lotto games you buy at the retail store. 

    Play your winning lotto numbers on line using this fully accredited Australian Lottery Agent.  When you join them for free they may even give you a free game :-)
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How we select the free lotto games and free lottery games we list here

We have been researching Lotto Games and Lottery Games for the past 10 years.  Additionally, we get a lot of first hand information about good and bad suppliers of free lotto games from our Lotto Facebook and Lotto Tweeter subscribers.

Just like everything online, there are very good providers of free lottery games and free lotto games, and there are also outright scam artists who prey on the vulnerability of poor people.   Such lotto scam artists set up websites, collect money under false pretences and then disappear. 

In order to prevent our subscribers and followers to end up in the claws of such criminals we do the following.

  • We join all the free lotto games and lottery games sites that we list on this free lotto site.
  • We only select those free lotto games providers who do not ask for credit card details or other financial details or intimate personal details.  
  • We only select free lotto games providers who have been offering their services for at least 12 months.   Most scam artists do not last more than a month.  Some last a little longer, but few last more than 3 months.
  • We constantly update this list to remove legitimate free lotto games providers who are no longer operating ethically.  This can happen as a result of a takeover.
  • We also prefer those free lotto games providers who will allow us to select and pick our own lotto numbers.




Play Free Lotto Games every week!



Win cash prizes in British Pounds paid out anywhere in the world.  Anyone from anywhere in the world can join this free lotto games service.


This wonderful and fun to play free lotto games provider offers a weekly free lotto game.  You simply pick 6 numbers on the form page, enter your e-mail address and click submit.  If the six numbers you picked are drawn in the next EuroMillions game, you win a cash prize which is usually 1000 British Pounds.   The prizes and availability of this offer are subject to change.  They seem to be current at present (January 2014).

This free Lotto Games provider has been active for many years and has tens of thousands of active players.  They also offer the best EuroMillions Lotto Syndicate we know.   It is free to join the lotto syndicate.







More Play Free Lotto Games and Lottery Games Online

This is one of the most established free Lotto Games and free Lottery Games provider.  They offer daily free lotto games and free lottery games and sweepstakes.   Prizes vary from $1,000 up to $10 million.  You can also win cars, mortgage payments raffles and other free competitions.

The registration process if easy, free and does not require credit card details.   The management of this free lotto games provider seems to be very strict on ethics and the system itself protects itself from fraudsters and scam artists.



We have recently joined this free lotto games service and will be posting more reviews in a few months.

The providers earn money by serving advertisements.  We noticed that the ads we have seen are all in good taste and promote reasonable products from a variety of established and well known retailers.  

You will also see promotion banners for their paid service which offers an automated submission for your free lotto games.  The paid service also removes the ads and the waiting time between ads.

However, you do not need to buy anything and you will never be asked for your credit card details to enjoy playing the free lotto games.


Come back for more free lotto games providers

We will be updating this directory of free lotto games and free lottery games.   Please come back often.  If you want to be kept informed, join our Facebook page and tweets.

If you are an ethical retailer of inexpensive lotto tickets and lottery games, or if you are offering free lotto games contact us.




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Play your winning lotto numbers on line using this fully accredited Australian Lottery Agent



Did you know that 1 in 4 Lottery Jackpots are won by syndicates? 
Did you know that 1 in 4 Lottery Jackpots are won by syndicates? 

Click on the banner for open a free account, no pressure to buy anything.  Play only when you are ready










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Free lotto games and free lottery games